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Illuminating Brilliance: Unveiling SmallRig’s RC 350 COB LED Video Light

Amidst the vast landscape of video lighting, SmallRig’s portable cob light, RC 350 COB LED Video Light emerges as a powerhouse of brilliance. With the cutting-edge “AstralTech” optical system, GaN adapter, and a plethora of features, this led video light redefines illumination standards. This Q&A session will unravel the intricacies of the RC 350, exploring its features and the diverse realms it illuminates.

How does the “AstralTech” optical system elevate the performance of SmallRig’s RC 350 COB LED Video Light?

A: The “AstralTech” optical system is the heart of RC 350’s brilliance, utilizing a 55-degree hyper reflector to achieve a staggering 115,000Lux (1m) in the RC350B variant and 149,000Lux (1m) in the RC350D variant. This innovation allows filmmakers to harness superior brightness, ensuring impeccable visibility and clarity in diverse shooting conditions. Its precision enables filmmakers to mold light with exceptional accuracy, providing the foundation for unparalleled cinematic storytelling.

How does this efficiency boasted by GaN adapter contribute to extended usage and enhanced sustainability?

The GaN adapter in the RC 350 signifies a commitment to sustainability and prolonged functionality. With a remarkable power efficiency of at least 95%, filmmakers can experience extended usage without compromising performance. This efficiency not only caters to the demands of long-duration shoots but aligns with modern filmmaking’s eco-friendly ethos. By minimizing energy consumption, the RC 350 becomes a beacon of sustainable filmmaking, ensuring that each shot contributes to both artistic brilliance and environmental responsibility.

How does Bowens mount enhances the creative possibilities for filmmakers, and what accessories does it support for varied lighting effects?

The Bowens mount in the RC 350 transcends conventional lighting, unlocking a realm of creative possibilities for filmmakers. This versatile feature allows seamless integration with a range of light-control accessories, from softboxes to snoots. The RC 350 becomes a canvas for filmmakers to paint with light, enabling the creation of diverse atmospheres and moods. Its compatibility with accessories empowers filmmakers to tailor lighting effects to suit the unique demands of each shot, bringing a new dimension of creativity to their cinematic endeavors.


When people conclude this exploration into the RC 350 COB LED Video Light, a beacon of brilliance lights the path to cinematic excellence. SmallRig’s meticulous craftsmanship, epitomized by features like the “AstralTech” optical system, GaN adapter, and Bowens mount, empowers filmmakers to sculpt light with unmatched precision. The RC 350 is not just a video light; it’s a luminary companion, guiding filmmakers through the intricate dance of light and shadow and unlocking the door to limitless creative possibilities in the world of cinematography.

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