Places to Go to a Concert in San Diego

San Diego, California’s second-largest municipality, is a popular place to listen to vibrant and diverse music throughout the year. This city offers many opportunities for music lovers to explore the captivating world of music together and return home with plenty of memories. Are you new to the area or are you looking for unique places to enjoy great concerts while having fun?

Let’s take a look at some great places to see a concert in San Diego.

Humphreys Concerts at the Bay

This spot, located along San Diego Bay on Shelter Island, is undoubtedly the best attraction to the stunning beach. This spot is well-known for its stunning waterfront views and A-list talent. Enjoy shows by Steely Dan, The Beach Boys or contemporary bands such as Interpol. You can also find live country music at this amazing venue. You can choose from packages that include dinner or an overnight stay, making it a great choice for a weekend getaway or vacation spot.

The Observatory North Park

Another popular music venue in San Diego is this one, which is well-known for its classic and historic art decor. It is centrally located in North Park’s University Ave. commercial district. With a history that spans over 100 years, it is a great place to find out about upcoming concerts. It can hold over 1000 people at once. Enjoy top-quality music from talented pop bands or touring rock such as Tame Impala and camp icon John Waters.

House of Blues San Diego

Another great spot for music lovers is located at 1055 5th Ave in central San Diego. There are top pop and rock bands as well as folk art. You can also enjoy delicious southern-inspired food and drinks, as well as happy hour. In the next months, you can expect shows such as The Exploited and mxmtoon to be on offer.

Calcoast Credit Union Open Air Theatre

This theater is located on Aztec Walk. This spot is ideal for those who want to snuggle under blankets when the temperature drops to 65 degrees in the evenings, while enjoying live music. The venue can hold over 4500 people. Maverick city music and big time rush are some of the upcoming shows. Fleet Foxes is also on the horizon.

As a city with so many great places to enjoy music nights with loved ones, there are plenty of options. To enjoy local music in a more relaxed setting, you can also choose to visit bars, local theatres, clubs, or coffeehouses. Here’s a list of places to start!

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