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Professor Wei Jiang: Expertise in Management Science

Professor Wei Jiang is a distinguished faculty member at Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM), Shanghai Jiao Tong University. With his expertise in management science, he contributes significantly to the faculty and research activities at ACEM.

Profile of Professor Wei Jiang at ACEM

Professor Wei Jiang holds the title of Professor of Management Science in Antai College of Economics and Management. He is also associated with prestigious journals such as the Naval Research Logistics, IIE Transactions, Journal of Management Analytics, Journal of Management Science and Engineering, and Fundamental Research. His contributions as an editorial board member and associate editor demonstrate his eminence in the field.

Research Interests in Big Data and Business Analytics

Professor Wei Jiang’s research focuses on big data and business analytics, data quality, and risk management, along with logistics and supply chain management. His expertise lies in developing innovative methods and models for analyzing large datasets and extracting meaningful insights. With his published research, including more than 70 refereed journal articles, Professor Wei Jiang is at the forefront of the field.

Teaching Courses in Operations Management and Statistical Analysis

At ACEM, Professor of Management Science Wei Jiang teaches a range of courses related to operations management and statistical analysis. Students benefit from his extensive knowledge in areas such as managerial decisions, forecasting and demand modeling systems, quality engineering and management, and stochastic models in operations research. Through his teaching, Professor Wei Jiang equips students with practical skills and analytical techniques that are essential in managerial decision-making.


In conclusion, Professor of Management Wei Jiang’s expertise in management science, his research contributions in big data and business analytics, and his dedication to teaching make him a valuable member of the faculty at ACEM. His research publications and editorial roles in renowned journals reflect his impact on the field. Through his teaching, he imparts valuable knowledge and skills to students, preparing them for successful careers in operations management and statistical analysis.

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