What does Kick factory stand for?

Kick factory sells unique slippers at very affordable prices. This website is available in many countries, including Australia.

This website contains all details about the company as well as product descriptions. You can review all information before you make payment. Kickfactory’s reality is something you should be aware of when shopping online.

Specifications at The Kick factory

Kickfactory does not provide contact numbers so it is impossible to make direct calls.

The company’s office is located at 228 La Trobe Street Melbourne Victoria 30001.

Many social media sites, including Instagram and Facebook links, have been shared, each with a post.

The Kickfactory review shopper can be found on the website.

All orders eligible for free 48-hour shipping

Kickfactory may deliver your products within 3 to 5 days.

Express shipping is usually available within 1-2 business days after you place your order.

The website is fully protected by SSL integration and HTTPS encryption

Website accepts VISA, master keys, paypal and Google pay payments.

Kickfactory has posted the details of its return policy on the website. You can view them here.


Shopper’s kickfactory reviews are now available. These reviews can be accessed on our portal.

The slippers can be worn by middle-class women, as they are elegant and beautiful.

Unfavorable Features of the Website

It is impossible to verify the company address provided as it isn’t visible on Google Maps.

This information has not been shared with the contact number.

Kickfactory has very few products.

It is not visible online and is not accessible via social networks.

There are no reviews for the verified podium.

You must verify the legitimacy of any company when shopping online.

Is Kickfactory real?

Kickfactory was last updated on 16/06/2022 a few months ago.

It was not possible to find the date of creation of the domain.

There are pages for Instagram and Facebook.

Many customers have left feedback on the website URL. It is available here.

Kickfactory doesn’t have any information about the owner. We don’t have any information on the founder.

You might find many lines on the website that have been copied from another website. Be careful.

60% is the Trust Score for this portal.

It is impossible to give an alexa rating for the website.

We didn’t find any feedback from the verified podium.


Kickfactory sells designer slippers at an extremely low price. The majority of products cost $50 or less. Moving around allowed us to discover the truth. We found some feedback on the site. It wasn’t all good. This trust pilot is not something we can trust and we must wait for reviews. Visit Naa Songs to find out more information

Final Thoughts

This website is known for having shopper Kickfactory, which sells slippers at very low prices. We also found the wrong company address. The site has security protocols and social media activity. This website is intended for advanced users.

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