What is shaking odds? Experiences in making standard bets in 2023

What is shaking odds?? How to bet on vibrating odds accurately and with the highest efficiency? If you are a football enthusiast, you are certainly no stranger to this type of bet. However, not all players know how to play shake bets correctly and win big. Explore with New88vinet now.

What is shaking odds?

So, what is shaking odds? First of all, you need to clearly understand the definition and properties of this type of bet. This is known as a type of soccer bet that has appeared on the market for a long time. With quite simple gameplay and at the same time brings high reward rates in betting matches.

This has attracted a large number of players to choose and love shaking bets. For shaking bets, there will be signs to identify the specific shaking time in each match. Therefore, when betting you need to time it correctly to bring high efficiency.

This type of bet is often played with over/under bets in football. Each bet can change quickly within just a few minutes of the match. This property also creates a unique excitement and attraction for vibrating bets.

Some information about shaking odds in soccer betting

So that players can better understand what shaking bets are and other important information. Below is a summary of the content about shaking odds in soccer betting. As follows:

Vibrating betting time

Flutter odds are said to be an extremely attractive betting genre for many players. One reason is because the shaking time will be calculated from the start until the ball stops rolling. Many players who do not clearly understand what shaking bets are are often confused with over/under bets.

But the difference is that if the bet requires a penalty kick, the player still has a chance. The betting time for shake bets is also very different from over/under bets. But combining these two types of bets can bring greater efficiency. This is also a common way of playing for many bettors today.

What is the way to read shaking odds?

Flutter betting in football has a fairly simple way to play and read the odds. So, even if you are new to the game, you can try this type of bet. The odds of shaking bets will change continuously and this is also the most important factor that players need to keep in mind.

  • Columns in the odds table: In the odds table, there will be 3 types of information displayed. These are 1Z2 bets, handicap bets and over/under bets. These types of bets can be bet on one half or the whole match.
  • Row in the odds table: Different odds will appear in this row. The odds will be high or low depending on each bet offered by the house.
  • The odds of the shake bet will be given by the house corresponding to each bet. Players need to know the odds to bet accordingly.

What is a valid way to bet on shaking bets?

When the matches start, that’s when the bookmaker’s shaking odds board appears. The shaking odds offered by the house will change continuously and this is also the biggest challenge for players. Regulations on how to place valid shake bets according to New88 are as follows:

  • First, players need to determine the correct bet they want to bet on. Click on the exact odds that you think are attractive and have the highest chance of winning.
  • Next, fill in information about the bet ticket including the bet amount and confirm with the house.
  • Bet tickets are only considered valid when the player receives successful confirmation information.

The first matches are suitable for playing shaking odds

So, what are the suitable matches to bet on? Many players and betting experts believe that you should bet on shaking odds in medium and large scale tournaments. The main reason is because the surprise factor from these tournaments is higher than that of small tournaments.

Thus, the bet will vibrate strongly and you will have a greater chance of winning. You should not bet on shaky bets in matches of teams ranked 3 – 5. At the same time, prioritize choosing matches with a handicap of 0.75, 0.5 or 0.25 to play.

The most accurate shaking betting experience

Although the way to play vibrating odds is simple, not everyone can win. Next are some experiences in playing shaking odds from New88 experts as follows:

Find out information about odds and bets

In soccer betting, information is always the most important deciding factor. Before participating in any betting on any football match. Players also need to carefully learn about important information in betting.

You can refer to the details of the competition history of the two teams and the bookmaker’s odds history. From there you will have more data to bet more accurately.

What is the timing for shaking bets?

What is the timing for shaking bets? Timing the bet is extremely important and determines the reward rate you receive. One piece of advice from many experts is to bet early. This can help you limit the impact of the match’s progress. At the same time, avoid risks such as being refused bets by the house or having the odds decrease.

Note about the rate table

The characteristic of shaking bets is the continuous change of the house odds table. Therefore, during the betting process, closely monitor this change. From there, you can deduce and identify developments as well as predict the house. You can absolutely take the opportunity to bet and bring in very high reward rates.

Combine shake bets and other types of bets

The way to play that many bettors often use in shaking bets is combination. Many people often tend to combine shake bets with over/under bets or handicap bets. These are two types of bets that have quite similar properties to shaking bets and complement each other very well.

The above article shares what tremble odds are and experiences in catching tremor bets correctly. Come quickly to New88 to participate in soccer betting with many attractive odds.

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