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Enhancing Thermoplastic Extrusion with Shine Polymer’s Rheopoly®PPA

In the world of thermoplastic extrusion, companies are constantly searching for innovative solutions to improve the process and enhance the quality of their products. One such solution is Shine Polymer‘s Rheopoly®PPA, a series of fluoropolymer-based processing aids that revolutionize thermoplastic additive technology. This article will delve into how Rheopoly®PPA can greatly improve the thermoplastic extrusion process, particularly in low MI liner polyolefin, without compromising the original physical properties of the plastics or essential functionalities such as sealing, adhesion, and printing.

Understanding Rheopoly®PPA: The Advanced Thermoplastic Additive

Rheopoly®PPA is a cutting-edge thermoplastic additive developed by Shine Polymer. It is specifically designed to enhance the process of thermoplastic extrusion, addressing challenges such as melt fracture and die build-up. By incorporating Rheopoly®PPA into their production methods, businesses can achieve superior results and elevate their film surface quality.

Improved Thermoplastic Extrusion with Rheopoly®PPA

Rheopoly®PPA’s fluoropolymer composition offers exceptional benefits in the realm of thermoplastic extrusion. Its unique properties enable it to optimize the flow characteristics of the molten plastic, eliminating common issues like melt fracture. With Rheopoly®PPA, businesses can significantly enhance the efficiency of their extrusion process, reducing downtime caused by die build-up and minimizing production costs.

Maintaining Original Physical Properties

One of the significant advantages of Rheopoly®PPA is its ability to improve the thermoplastic extrusion process without altering the original physical properties of the plastics. Companies can now achieve greater efficiency and superior product quality while maintaining the integrity of their materials. Whether it is tensile strength, impact resistance, or other essential properties, Rheopoly®PPA ensures that the original characteristics of the plastics remain intact.

Enhanced Functionalities: Sealing, Adhesion, and Printing

In addition to its effects on the extrusion process itself, Rheopoly®PPA also enhances critical functionalities such as sealing, adhesion, and printing. Companies can confidently incorporate Rheopoly®PPA into their thermoplastic extrusion workflow, knowing that it will not compromise the performance of their end products. With its unique formulation, Rheopoly®PPA delivers consistent sealing effectiveness, improved adhesion properties, and precise printing results.


Shine Polymer’s Rheopoly®PPA offers a game-changing solution for businesses involved in thermoplastic extrusion. With its advanced fluoropolymer technology, Rheopoly®PPA improves the process of thermoplastic extrusion, without compromising the original physical properties of the plastics or affecting essential functionalities such as sealing, adhesion, and printing. Additionally, as the holiday season approaches, Shine Polymer would like to thank all of its customers and partners for their unwavering confidence and support.

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