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Half ball bet What type of bet is it? Is its gameplay any different from other types of bets? It can be said that this is a type of bet with a fairly simple form of play but no less dramatic and attractive. Moreover, it also has a quite high winning rate. However, not everyone understands this type of buddy bet. So let’s go together New88 Find out in detail in the article below.
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What is the half ball bet?

Half ball bet essentially the odds in handicap betting. It has many different names such as 1-ball handicap, 0.5-ball handicap, ¾-ball handicap, etc. And usually the house will denote the half-ball handicap as 0.25 or 0-0.5. Each house will have different symbols, so you need to pay attention to this.

This form of betting is also quite simple. The bookmaker will generally stipulate that the 2 teams will correspond to the upper and lower bets. The team at the top is the team that is rated higher with a strong squad, good playing strategy, good performance, along with goals scored in the past that are also put on the comparison table. This team will handicap the underdog team by 0.25 goals. The player’s task is to predict the result accurately through the information the house has provided so you can bet.

Rules for playing half-ball odds for new players

Before you decide to bet on any type of bet, not just one half ball bet Then you need to clearly understand the rules of the game. This will make it easier for you to make decisions as well as all your judgments about the score of the match. Specific game rules are as follows:

  • The over bet wins: The total number of goals must be 1 or more than the under bet. If you win, you will receive a betting bonus from the house. And any bettor who bets under will lose all the money they bet
  • Under bet wins: Total goals are 0 or less than 1 goal under bet. And if you win, you will receive all the prize money for yourself. And those who bet on the above bet will lose the entire amount bet
  • Two teams tie: if both teams tie, the player will lose half of the bet amount when placing the above bet. And the lower bet will win half of the bet for you.

This is the rule of the game as well as the easiest way to calculate winning and losing among all other types of bets. It is for this reason that half ball bet Many people know and participate in betting. Just read through it a few times to fully understand the rules of the game and start placing bets immediately

The way to bet on the left half of the ball is extremely simple

Half ball bet This is a type of bet where it is very difficult to predict the outcome. Because the difference in strength and weakness of the teams playing against each other is not too much. This requires you to know forecast observations and analyze other objective factors to be able to make a decision. And the following betting method will help you increase your winning rate. As follows:
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  • Don’t place bets too early. The appropriate time to place a bet is when the match lasts about 15 to 20 minutes. During this time, you will have to observe the two teams playing to judge the specific situation
  • If you are wondering which bet to choose, you should choose the house or the home team. Because most of the home team will have more advantages and be more confident when fighting.
  • You should choose teams with many good and excellent achievements in recent competitions. Especially observing the team’s playing style and playing tactics

Experience in playing half-ball odds from professional players

Category half ball bet Although the gameplay and rules are not too complicated. But to be able to win, it requires you to know good playing tips or have a lot of fighting experience. So please refer to the good experiences from the following experts..

  • If the home team is the team on the upper bet, bettors should bet on the upper. On the contrary, if the upper team is the away team, you choose the lower bet.
  • If the match does not take place at home or away, you should carefully analyze and calculate the two teams playing. Aim for the key members, whether the playing strategy is good, whether the form is really good, etc. Which team is stronger will score more easily and bet on that team?
  • You should monitor the progress of the match for about 15 minutes before placing your bet
  • Train your analysis, judgment and logical thinking skills. Always pay attention to official news from the competing teams


Half ball bet This is a very popular betting genre and is participated in by many players. Because of its monotony and high winning rate, it has attracted a huge number of people here. However, to be able to win, you also need to know the rules of the game, how to play well and equip yourself with many judgment, analysis and playing experience skills.

So don’t forget to refer to the useful knowledge that New88 has compiled on the homepage for bettors. Those who are passionate about lottery definitely cannot ignore it how to play lottery very cool!

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