Memphis Teacher Abducted – What is the Future Progress?

Have you heard about the Memphis teacher snatching? Sources claim that Eliza Fletcher, also known as Liza Fletcher, was brutally kidnapped in the United States. This news is trending worldwide, in addition Canada.

An unknown body was also discovered in the area where the teacher vanished on 05/09/2022. There are many rumors and speculations circulating online. This report contains detailed information on the teacher kidnapped in Memphis.

Eliza Fletcher was killed?

Eliza Fletcher, a.k.a. Three days before Liza disappeared, Eliza Fletcher, a.k.a. According to reports, Fletcher is a teacher and has been under surveillance by Memphis police since Friday. According to the investigation, Liza was seen running through the area around The incident footage shows that Liza was seen running around the area at

Fletcher forced Fletcher into Fletcher’s car’s passenger seat when a male ran out of the vehicle. Fletcher also faced charges in the kidnapping Kemper durand Memphis by a lawyer 22 years ago. In the next paragraphs, we’ll discuss the details of this abduction.

A Gist of the Case

This footage shows the mother-of-two being pulled into an SUV.

She was out running in Memphis at She was kidnapped in the morning.

The footage also shows that the SUV was present in the area for about 4 minutes before leaving the scene.

Cleotha, 38-year-old suspect was also charged with tampering.

Memphis Teacher abducted What is the Future Progress of ?

Additional investigation reports revealed that a unidentified corpse was discovered just 20 minutes away from the location where the teacher was abducted. The identity of the corpse has not been revealed by any reports.

Cleotha was also accused in connection with Fletcher’s disappearance in Memphis, Tennessee. He is currently being held in Shelby County Jail, with a bail amount of $500,000.

Fletcher was also the grandchild of Joseph Orgill Hardware, a billionaire. Fletcher is still missing.

Final Conclusion

In the same case, Kemper Durand, a Memphis attorney, was taken hostage by the suspect. He was held hostage in the trunk of his car.

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